Children and Young People’s Partnership Board

Children and young people discuss the priorities in the Rotherham Together Plan that are most important to them. 

This means that the organisations responsible for delivering the Rotherham Plan work collaboratively with children and young people in a child centred way. The support, challenge, and intelligence sharing during the meetings ensures children and young people’s views and voice have a real impact.

Children and Young People’s Partnership Board

November 2023 meeting

On Monday 6 November 2023, the group met in the Chamber at the Town Hall and Tom from the Youth Cabinet chaired the meeting with Councillor Victoria Cusworth. Young people introduced themselves, where they went to school or work and their favourite thing to do in Rotherham.

Favourite things to do included:

  • Visiting Rother Valley Country Park
  • Attending the Rotherham Show
  • Being part of different clubs such as chess and tennis
  • Visiting the Yorkshire Transport Museum
  • The Superbowl

Helen Sweaton went through the Terms of Reference for the Children and Young People’s Partnership Board.

It was suggested that where there was an action, the group should choose if it should be a ‘children/young people decision’ or a ‘whole group decision’. Th Terms of Reference was then agreed as a group.

Helen then showed the group a presentation on the Rotherham Together Plan. The group voted on what agenda items we wanted to be brought to the next meeting. It was difficult to choose the most important items.

The group were interested in the buildings being developed across Rotherham, why they were chosen and what’s happening to them. They were also interested in employment and the commitment to employment support, transport and social value. The two agenda items for next time were decided, and this included:

1. Public events and communication

2. Nature recovery (re-wilding and planting trees) and flooding.

The group went to the John Smiths room for a networking tea and had chance to talk to the other children and young people at the meeting, as well as some of the adults.

November 2023 meeting with the board 2

November 2023 meeting with the board

Agenda item 1: Vaping

Sue and Dave told us about vaping. They told us about the risks, gave us some statistics and said what controls are place.

The issues about vaping were discussed in groups. People said that vaping is the ‘norm’ and that more young people vape than smoke, even none-smokers because it’s trendy. Attendees didn’t think that people know the risks and just think it’s better than smoking. It’s also cheaper!

Questions were raised whether parents or adults understand the severity of vaping and if they tell their children. It was highlighted that there’s lots of ways to get vapes, they are available and highly visible. Members in the group didn’t think there was much preventative messaging either.

The groups came together and provided updates on what they had been talking about and suggested what they thought needed to happen.

There was agreement on what should be done! This included:

  • Agreement to prevent vaping in public buildings and wanted to find out what work is currently happening in schools. Sue told us about the Government consultation for Children and Young People, so the group would like that to be promoted and felt that Public Health should create a campaign to help get people talking about vaping.  

Agenda item 1 vaping

Agenda item 1 vaping 2


Actions included:

  1. The Board will look into how public buildings can be made vape free zones
  2. Work with the Director of Children’s Services to promote the government consultation for children and young people
  3. Work with Public Health colleagues to develop a ‘Rotherhamised’ campaign about vaping

Agenda item 2 town centre regeneration Agenda item 2 town centre regeneration 2 Agenda item 2 town centre regeneration 3

Agenda item 2: town centre regeneration

Chris and Simon share information about work happening to improve the Town Centre.

This included the new cinema and restaurants that are being developed at Forge Island.

The group also learned about Riverside Gardens, Snail Yard and the work happening to the markets, library and theatre.

Information was shared around residential developments (family homes as well as apartments) in the town centre and why it is important to have a mix of homes. 

The group also heard about some activities and events for young people.

Regeneration of the town centre regeneration was discussed in groups. Most people already knew about the developments at Forge Island. It was interesting for attendees to learn about why we need different kinds of homes. Members wanted to know more about events for young people.

There was not enough time to tell people what the groups had discussed. There was agreement that it was good to see improvements to the town centre. It would be even better to hear about events for children and young people.

Actions included:

  1. Making sure presentations are no longer than 10 minutes
  2. Giving more time to the presentation and discussion part of the agenda
  3. Asking Chris to come back and talk to us about public events for young people

Quotes and comments from Board members


  • “People haven’t answered [the lifestyle survey] honestly. At absolute best, 65% haven’t tried it”
  • “If anyone wants to vape, they can”
  • “It is worrying that it’s supposed to be normal for teenagers and young people”
  • “It is part of teenage culture”
  • “If e-cigarettes were intended to be a medical support to help people stop smoking, then they should only be available on prescription”
  • “What on earth does tiger blood taste like?”


  • “We like Barnsley town centre - do we learn from local authorities?”
  • “We should try and celebrate what Rotherham offers”
  • “We need to make Rotherham unique”
  • “There could be something to celebrate Christmas”
  • “It would be good to have a local day to encourage Rotherham citizens to shop local”
  • “It would be nice to encourage local businesses to come to Rotherham”