Working together for Rotherham - March 2021

Welcome to our update of the Rotherham Together Partnership

Welcome to our update of the Rotherham Together Partnership. The partnership comprises of representatives from key local organisations in the borough; public services, the Chamber of Commerce, businesses and the voluntary and community sector.

In any year, we work together to try to improve our area and deliver the best services for you, the Rotherham resident.

But the last year has been like no other, and just as our community has risen to the challenges of Covid-19, so have our partners. As we hopefully turn the corner, in no small part because of the incredible work our local Health service is doing to roll out vaccines, what I will remember most will be the professionalism and dedication of the key workers who have been completely indispensable.

Right from the early days of “clap for carers”, it has been the kindness, generosity and resilience of our community that has shone through. So many key workers and volunteers who, despite the fear and uncertainty in their own lives, have done remarkable things to make ours a little more bearable. We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

In this booklet we present just a few examples of the work that has been done. The stories also show what a vibrant and supportive community we are all part of, and one that I’m very proud to call my home.

Cllr. Chris Read,

Chair of the Rotherham Together Partnership